Fav Nashville Eats: Burger Up

Duane and I don’t wait for tables often. Even at Burger Up. There’s always a crowd at Burger Up.

But the other day we took a chance, found a parking space right across the street and passed thru the waiting crowds into the restaurant and snagged a couple of stools at the bar (very high stools, you kinda have to climb up, and then you realize you can spin them to be lower…something like a-custom-bar-stool-for-you).

Bar at Burger Up

Bar at Burger Up

Easy. We were in.

Just looking at the menu we remembered how much we loved it the last time we were there and why has it been so long since we’ve been back? You don’t think about that much longer because your eyes are pretending to be your stomach mind-tasting each item on the menu. You order your burger (after see-sawing over which one). Duane went for the blue cheese with an added compliment of Benton’s bacon. I took the lamb burger. Whatever you choose know that the meat has been exquisitely sourced and you’re gonna taste the difference oh-yesiree-bob.

Burger Up blue burger w Benton's Bacon

Burger Up blue burger w Benton’s Bacon

Add their house-made ketchup and aioli and you’ll be a happy chewing fool. We scarfed down the burgers with onion rings and spinach accompaniment.

Burger Up house-made sauces

Burger Up house-made sauces

Gazed at all the lovely wood on walls and ceiling and tables. Watched the Nashville world go by, and were entertained by the bottle filling, drink making, and napkin folding going on behind the bar.

at the bar at Burger Up

at the bar at Burger Up

We’ll be back as long as we can snag those two bar stools again. Thanks, Burger Up!

D and me at Burger Up

D and me at Burger Up

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