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Chef Paulette on the Amalfi Coast in Ravello

Cooking Classes with Paulette Licitra

Please join me for some Italian & Mediterranean fun in the kitchen in Nashville TN!

We’ll explore all the delicious regions of Italy and sometimes cook up cuisines from other cultures along the  Mediterranean with hands-on cooking.

Spring 2017 schedule has sold out.

If I get a cancellation I will post on my Chef Paulette Facebook page.

Events are $70 each and take place in Bellevue.

Please contact me with any questions, to reserve, or be added to my email announcement list: ChefPauletteMedia(at)gmail(dot)com

Summer 2017 schedule will be emailed in May.

Thank you!


Paulette Licitra cooks, writes, sings, and paints. She completed her professional culinary studies at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) in NYC and cooked in Mario Batali’s restaurant Lupa. Paulette has traveled extensively in Italy for culinary research, and studied with home cooks in Lazio, Liguria, Emilia-Romagna, Lombardia, Campania, and the Veneto. She teaches Italian cooking classes in Nashville and cooks frequently on Channel 4 WSMV’s Today in Nashville.  She is the publisher of the literary food journal Alimentum, and performs music in the band Duette with Duane Spencer.

For paintings by Paulette, check the Artwork tab on this website.

150 thoughts on “About & Contact

  1. Hello!My husband & I are celebrating our anniversary in Nashville this year and would love to participate in one of your classes.We’ll be there June 19-22nd.

  2. Hi- just read an article in the winter issue on local table about a culinary tour of Nolensville Road. Will you be offering those this year? I’d like to be put on your emailing list regarding upcoming classes and these food tours. Thanks!

  3. Hello Paulette,

    I was wondering if there are any classes available either Friday or Saturday in April? I know they are all sold out for March. If so, I would love to be placed on the email list.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Kyle, thanks for your note. Classes are sold out thru the end of June — the summer schedule will be out in May. If you want to be on the email list, just send me your email address. Thanks!

  4. Hello, I would like to be added to the email list. Do you do cooking classes on Sundays? My husbands birthday is March 26th and I’ve been trying to find a cooking class we could do on that day

    • Hi Ashlly, No, I don’t do classes on Sundays — I do on some Saturdays. ButI’m booked up thru the end of March. New spring schedule comes out tomorrow – but I’d need your email address. Thanks!

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  6. Paulette, my daughter and I will be in Nashville the weekend of Jan 13th. Will you be having any cooking classes that weekend and if so, could I get some information on them please? Thanks so much!

  7. Hi Paulette,

    I know you probably get a TON of emails so I’ll keep this short.

    I am launching a new post on my blog next week. It will focus on best things to do in Venice. Specifically I would like to link to best blog posts about certain locations in Venice ( I would also like to include link to your post about La Zucca ).

    Would love to share it with you when it is finished if you’re interested… do you mind if I send you a link?



    • Hi Neno,
      Thanks so much — I just saw the post on Venice with the inclusion of my La Zucca post — Lovely! I will post on my Facebook page about your story. Thanks again! Paulette

  8. Hello chef Paulette. I have a recipe from Relish Magazine for Regina Cookies. I want to make for Christmas. Can you tell me if the 2 Tablespoons of vanilla is correct, just want to make sure there isn’t a typo. I am anxious to try these and love that yours are so great looking by using the unhulled sesame. Thank you. Denise Muro, Greenfield, Ma

    • Hi Denise, So happy you’ll be trying the cookie! Yes, 2 tablespoons is correct (I know it seems like a lot more than the usual). The vanilla flavor comes through nicely in the cookie. Thank you! Let me know how they turn out.

  9. Rochelle McAlpin (I have participated on some of your informational touring of Nashville sites and lunch around the city) They were great. |

    Hello Chef Paulette, I would love to have you come to my home for a private cooking session with my family (total of 6 people) to teach us how to cook eggplant and perhaps something else vegetarian. My son is away at college, but will be home for Christmas. He recently attempted to cook his own Thanksgiving meal of eggplant by himself while away at school and had to throw everything in the trash. He ate Jack n the Box Thanksgiving. HELP. He will be home for the Christmas time period.

    • Hi Denise! Thanks for your note. My Winter schedule went out last week and everything is sold out now thru March. In March my spring schedule will come out via email announcement. Would you like me to add you to my email list? Thanks again!

  10. I am interested in cooking classes for my 12-year-old grandson. He has taken classes in FLA, but he now lives in Murfreesboro. Do your classes enroll students this young? Please add my name to your mailing list. Thank you. Billie Dunlap –

  11. Paulette:
    Love your Channel 4 segments!!
    Interested in Winter classes !!
    Please add me to your email list!!
    Thank you!!
    Terry Palmer

    • Hi Sherry, thanks for your note. The Fall classes are sold out, but the Winter schedule will be out at the beginning of December or sooner. I’ll add you to my email announcement list. Thanks!

  12. Hey Paulette! We have a gift certificate that we have been aching to use. I thought I was on your email list but I haven’t gotten any news on any summer or fall classes. Would you mind sending me class information, please? Thanks very much. 🙂 Cassie

    • Hi Cassie, You may not be on the mailing list. I’ll be sure to add your name. Summer and Fall classes are basically sold out. In December there will be a notice for winter classes. Thanks!

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