Man, You Are One Cute Tomato!

Tomato-Herb Salad

Tomato-Herb Salad

I’ll bet that’s what you’ve been saying all summer every time you’re at the farmer’s market. Or even at the supermarket (I remember in NYC, at summertime, the supermarket would have piles of “Jersey Tomatoes”).

I palpitate, almost hyperventilate, when I see those red, pink, yellow beefy or delicate or misshapen tomatoes strewn over the market tables. And then the little pint baskets with mixed grape or cherry tomatoes in red, yellow & green. And the craggy, voluptuous heirloom tomatoes. Edible sculptures just begging for salt and teeth.

You can get dizzy-looney coming up with new ways/uses for the beauties. Of course the best is to just bite in and slurp. Go ahead. Nothing like it. But if you’d like to use a fork and/or knife this gentle salad is like building a pedestal for those queens and kings of summer (are tomatoes male or female– mmmm….??).

I cut up a variety of tomatoes into bite-sized pieces. Tear a bunch of fresh mixed herbs. (Try basil, tarragon, mint, parsley, fennel fronds.) Add a drizzle of olive. A drizzle of apple cider vinegar. Season lightly with salt & pepper (lightly because these tomatoes come equipped with giant flavor). Add some crumbled goat cheese on top. (Perhaps a handful of walnuts?) Toss gently. Take the whole serving bowl to your place at the table (preferably outdoors), (bring a fork). Pour a crispy cold little glass of white wine (I’ll take a New Zealand sauvignon blanc). And dive in…to summer in a bowl. To one of the best moments of your life (you’ll thank yourself one cold future winter day). It’s a celebration of you in summer untied with the willing friends of planet earth.

Tomato-Herb Salad

Tomato-Herb Salad

2 thoughts on “Man, You Are One Cute Tomato!

  1. Nothing better than picking the warm tomatoes off the vine, snapping the basil, and clipping off the flowers at the same time, pulling up the apron, picking red onions drying in the shed, and what ever else I find along the way ! What a life !

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