Join my Zoom Cooking Classes

Some are sold out. First available one coming up September 23, 5pm CDT:

Old-Fashioned Lasagna and Cinnamon Buns

Classes are only $35 and take about 2 hours or less. I send you the recipe needs about a week before and the Zoom link a couple of days before.

Let me know if you want to join me in a comment or by email (see About & Contact tab). I love cooking together! And I’ll take you through step by step as we cook side by side in our own kitchens. Mmmmmmm!!

More classes on the schedule coming up!

Let’s cook together!

6 thoughts on “Join my Zoom Cooking Classes

  1. Hello
    My daughter and I are interested in your October 17 cooking class. I was referred to you by my friends Ginger and Diane. They will be attending your class on October 17. Hope I can still enroll.
    Thank you so much! Ciao

  2. These are wonderful, affordable, and delicious! I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve done and am looking forward to the pasta class tomorrow evening and the piccata class next week. Thank you for doing this, Paulette. If you’ve not tried these classes, jump in. They are fun and when you finish, so is dinner! Ciao!

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