What I buy at SupermarketItaly.com

SuperMarketItaly.com is a great website with all sorts of food imports from Italy. If you don’t have one (or more) Italian food stores where you live, this place is a fantastic source! People often ask me what I buy there (Hi, Casey!), so here is a list. These are the things I go back for over and over– but while perusing the site I always find something else I want to try (and you will, too). 

Kimbo is my favorite Italian coffee. This pretty white can has a screw top. And sometimes I buy the airtight packs and reuse these cans. Kimbo is a neapolitan brand and use it for my stovetop espresso pots. I also use the Kimbo espresso pods for our Nespresso machine. See below…

My favorite pasta is the shape: garganelli. It’s like penne but thinner, rolled on a diagonal, and often (or always) made with egg-based pasta. You can find it here! These are a couple of brands below.

Like hot peppers? Calabrian peppers are loved all over the world. Here are a couple of products I’ve tried (but there are others!)

I’m a fan of anchovies and these two are my faves. One with hot chili peppers (so good!) and one with anchovies wrapped around capers (yum!)

Baking? Whenever I do anything chocolate in baking or chocolate icing I always add a little espresso powder. It’s meant to be used as an “instant coffee” (don’t do that), but it’s much better as a flavor enhancer.

Still baking? Try this lovely imported orange extract– heavenly!

This fun beverage – San Bitter – tastes like Campari and soda but isn’t alcoholic. I love the upbeat bitter-sweet taste and used to cart back packages like this in my carry-on from Italy. Here, they’ll easily ship it to you! (And the bottles are adorable.)

AND there is so much more! During the holidays look for fabulous panettone. Check out all the other pasta. Candies, chocolates, more more more. I’ll try to do a Part 2. But also, next time, I’ll show you another great source for Italian products. 🙂

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