Easy Like Sunday Morning

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Easy Like Sunday Morning

The first time I went to Pinewood Social I thought they were a little bit too much taken with themselves. Cooler than cool. And when a vibe is off-putting it doesn’t matter how great the menu or mixology is– I’d just rather not be there.

But now time has passed. And the cool sheen has calmed down. And I was out at the theatre with a friend and there weren’t many places open for dinner after 10 pm. So we went to Pinewood…to be Social.

Unfortunately, our dinner plans went awry since our pre-theatre intended-to-be-small appetizer with a drink turned out to be big appetizer. So we weren’t that hungry at 10.  The only menu item at Pinewood Social that appealed to me was apple pie à la mode. Which was “okay.” BUT the drink I ordered (which seemed a good pairing) STOOD OUT (in a good way).

Go get this drink if it’s the only thing you ever order at Pinewood Social.

It’s called: Easy Like Sunday Morning (you can’t help but hum the song in your head as you sip).

It’s a cortado (a coffee I first encountered in Burgos, Spain: espresso with milk in it). To the cortado they add: a healthy dash of Fernet Branca (that herby-bitterish-spiky digestivo) and demerara (a kind of unrefined sugar). It’s served in an on-the-rocks glass with a pretty cappuccino-like milky pattern on top.

THIS DRINK IS DELICIOUS. I have trouble writing about it without wanting to simultaneously drink it.

Sometimes trendy, cool, full of themselves places really come up with great stuff. (And our server was as nice as can be.)

I’ll be back to Pinewood Social. For an Easy Like Sunday Morning. And now I’m curious to sample a different menu item to pair it with. Like maybe the goat cheese omelet, or the lobster roll. Or the smoked trout dip or apple salad. (I sound kinda won over, don’t I?)