Secret Charming Fountain: Amalfi


Secret Charming Fountain in Amalfi

Did you say it’s time to go to the Amalfi Coast? Hang on, let me get my hat!


Amalfi Coast


There is NOTHING like the Amalfi Coast. Beautiful towns balancing on dramatic cliffs, food from the sea, abundance of lemons, bougainvillea spilling everywhere, and the welcoming, warm citizens of Campania. NOTHING like it.

The jewel, and title town of the Coast, is Amalfi.

Amalfi street




It’s a small town, lusciously sprawling down a long, lovely main street, which leads from the beach, past the cathedral, to the teetering white-washed inviting architecture. Every step of the way you find beauty, culture, restaurants, coffee bars, and shops.





view from Amalfi Cathedral


Keep walking deep into the town, toward the end of the main street — till you think: “well, I guess that was the last shop” — that’s when you’ll find the secret charming fountain. It’s originally meant to represent a nativity scene, but over the years, there seems to have been many added figures. Hills & cliffs, with tableaux of shepherds, and sweethearts, craftspeople, working people, and beautiful maidens.

It’s also a drinking fountain open to the public for free refreshment. Take a sip. Hang out and make friends with all the little people (and sheep), read the stories they tell & take home an extraordinary experience.

And then (why not?) stop into a cafe for some prosciutto & melon. (Soooo good!)

1 prosciutto and melon Amalfi 2

prosciutto & melon in Amalfi

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